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Redefining the industry’s approach to sourcing specialty chemicals.

About TepaNox

Our Vision

Help improve the quality of life and raise standards of living.

We connect markets and technologies to help integrate materials.

Help solve challenges in polymer composites, biomedical, and nanotechnology.

Right from the start, our goal is clear. Drive the industry forward by being your reliable partner in gaining access to specialty chemicals that will improve current technologies.
As an intelligent specialty chemicals company, we are firm believers that improving the quality of end-users’ products will be our way towards keeping costs at a minimum and value at the maximum
Combining this with our in-depth knowledge of the industry, we are creating a guarantee for you to not only find quality specialty materials at reasonable prices, but also offer end-to-end solutions.
Through our in depth understanding of innovative materials and their applications. We help bridge the gap between technology push and market pull to help achieve sustainable and transformational business.

Your Dream Our Mission.

We Believe In Hard Work And Dedication

We connect experts, markets, and technologies to solve customer-specific challenges.

We Add Value - Help Navigate The Hype Cycles

Tepanox helps to create a collaborative curve for
smooth transition from the peak of inflated
expectations to the plateau of productivity.


We help bridge the gap between Technology push and Market pull.

Our Strength - Global Sourcing

We help bridge the gap between Technology push and Market pull.

  • Access to emerging markets

  • Excellence in Chemistry

  • Shortening the development cycles

  • Bridging the Gap

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