UV Curable Materials in Growing Demand

An increase in environmental awareness and has led to a growth in UV curable coatings. The environmental friendliness of UV curable coatings is since they are 100 percent curable formulations. There is no drying process, which in turn means no volatile solvents escaping out or evaporating. UV formulations contain reactive monomers and photoinitiators—the chemistries cure with exposure to UV light or other forms of light, such as LED. Organic materials released by traditional solvent-based coatings are detrimental to people’s health and the environment.

Electronic and industrial confirmational coatings use UV curable materials or energy curable materials. Help protect the substrate and component surfaces from destructive or environmental agents. Applications such as automotive, microcircuits, printed circuit boards, labels use UV curable chemistries. They provide reliable protection from dust, chemicals, and temperature extremes.

UV curable bonding adhesives can bond glass, metal, and plastic components with or without shadow area. Medical, industrial bonding adhesives adhere to a wide range of substrates. When compared to the traditional welding methods, these adhesives perform better.

UV and LED curable bonding solutions can replace older bonding technologies such as epoxies and metal fasteners. There is a high demand and interest, particularly for automotive applications where fasteners aren’t needed. The UV curable coatings offer electronic protection for bare dye, wire bonds, chip on board, and integrated circuits. UV curable potting materials provide translucent bonds with excellent adhesion to engineering plastics. For potting electronic connectors, thermal switches, sensors.

The one other area that has shown tremendous impetus for UV Curable materials is the solutions for gaskets. Cured In Place (CIP) on-demand technologies for gasket manufacturing. Drop the need for ovens, racking, stacking, and reduce waste. Unlike the conventional gasket manufacturing processes, the CIP reduces waste associated with the fitting or improper alignment. Electrical mobile devices, HVAC energy, and industrial hardware applications use CIP gaskets. UV Curable gasket adhesives are ideal for sound tampering, vibration dampening, moisture protection, chemical and air sealing.

ChemPrise delivers differentiating UV curable solutions – we are a center of excellence for sourcing customized, specialty molecules, and hard-to-find materials. We act as a “bridge” to bring customers and suppliers of specialty UV curable materials for reliability, high quality, and fair pricing.

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